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The Creator


Hi, I'm Chris Jones, an Air Force veteran who's all about my Faith, Family, and Friends! I was raised in Waynesboro, GA (Burke County) and have lived in Maryland for almost two decades. Different genres of music, creative writing, opportunities to serve others, and sports are what I enjoy most! The majority of my professional career has spanned the Federal Government in various acquisition-related positions. Lastly, I have been granted degrees in business administration, economics and organizational development & strategic human resources.

LifeWriting.com's Past, Present, and Future

LifeWriting.com resulted from a somewhat traumatic life experience I endured years ago. It helped me transform a slew of negative emotions into sustainable positive energy that changed my life forever. It started with journaling that evolved into various forms of creative writing (poems, narratives, and quotes) that I wanted to share for inspiration. I sought out to design a medium to capture and present real life events and came up with LifeWriting.com. After I launched it in 2007, I soon found many people wanted to share their written works of art as well. 

Since its inception, I've spoken with people that do not particularly write, but still desire to record a personal story to edify the masses or share privately with loved ones. LifeWriting.com acts as a portal to coordinate with these individuals to record on their behalf. Workshops are conducted to assist writers, of all skill levels, with honing their craft or to discuss writing in general. Workshops are also held to address certain areas of writing that may be adversely impacting people, from things such as writing the perfect resume, to producing goal-setting plans. Soon, LifeWriting.com will hosts events that aim to make the writings speak, like spoken word forums, among others. 

As you can see, LifeWriting.com has truly evolved over the years and will continue to expand its presence. In fact, it's been a hobby for over the last decade, but recently transformed into a business venture. So, check out the various writings posted, forward a writing of your own, inquire about a particular writing service, and/or express your interest in an upcoming event. Continue reading below to gain specific insight into how LifeWriting.com's mission is accomplished.

~Godspeed, Peace and Blessings~ 

-Chris Jones

Experiences Recorded

Most life experiences are recorded via creative writings and forwarded to be posted. Others are recorded by way of interviews to be used (kept private or made public) at the discretion of the interviewee. 

Writings Publicized



LifeWriting.com rotates the creative writings it receives as often as possible...usually every two weeks. At least one is featured as well. Forward yours today to be posted.  

Social Media


Writings are spotlighted under LifeWriting.com on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for even greater exposure.

Live Venues


Spoken word is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play. It will be used to make selected writings speak. Stay tuned for a LifeWriting.com venue near you. 

Writing Services Provided


Consultative services are provided in Creative Writing, Resume Assistance, Interview Preparation Plans, and other services can be found on the "Writing Services" page. Remember, workshops are also used to disseminate helpful writing tips, etc. Contact me today for your writing needs.