Hi, I'm Chris Jones, the Creator of LifeWriting.com.  I am so glad you took the time to visit!  "Still" a young man from Waynesboro, GA (Burke County), I became eager to leave a positive imprint on people's minds via creative writing.  The narrative below provides additional background information.

About LifeWriting.com

Years ago, I realized how therapeutic writing was when I started journaling after a traumatic life experience.  Writing helped me transform a slew of negative emotions into sustainable positive energy for a healthier overall lifestyle.  The journaling evolved into various forms of creative writing (poems, narratives, and quotes) that I wanted to share.  I sought out to design a medium to present them in an inspirational way.  Unbeknownst to me, many other people/writers wanted to publicize their creative writings to hopefully inspire others as well.  The writings are impactful due to them deriving from real life experiences.  So, take your time perusing them and feel free to forward a writing of your own.  

I've met or spoken with many people that do not particularly write, but still desire to share their story to edify the masses or share privately with loved ones.  LifeWriting.com coordinates with these individuals to record on their behalf.  LifeWriting.com plans to host or participate in events that will make the writings speak and various workshops to assist writers, of all skill levels, with honing their craft or to discuss writing in general. 

Recently, I've also had many compelling conversations about various business-related writing experiences.  There seems to be a particular need for guidance in some key areas.  I figured I'd lean on my professional career experiences, and formal training, to offer strategically designed workshops and one-on-one consultations to address these areas.  I'm certain I can assists those wanting to ensure their writing matters are efficiently produced and highly effective in virtually any business environment.

Thanks again for visiting and check back often to see the latest.  In the meantime, read below to gain specific insight on how LifeWriting.com's mission is accomplished.

~Godspeed, Peace and Blessings~ 

-Chris Jones

Experiences Recorded

Personal Creative Writings/Interviews

A wealth of experiences have been recorded via creative writings and forwarded.  LifeWriting.com has also set out to record experiences by way of interviews...in person or over the phone.  Sometimes, the most interesting experiences take place naturally with perfect strangers...so the moment(s) is captured spontaneously or filed away to be recorded as necessary later.

Writings Publicized

Online Venues


LifeWriting.com rotates the creative writings it receives as often as possible and feature them on popular social media sites for even greater exposure as well.

Live Venues


Spoken word, of sorts, isn't a thing of the past, but evolves with the times.  Literally, making writing speak is what we aim to do.  Check back for a LifeWriting.com venue near you. 

Writing Services

Creative Writing


Poems, Narratives, etc.

Business-Related Writing


Resume Writing, Interview Preparation Plans, Presentations, etc.

Other Writing Services


Contact me if you need a writing service not mentioned on this website.  I will help point you in the right direction.