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Hi, I'm Chris Jones, the creator of  I am so glad you took the time to visit!  "Still" a young man from Waynesboro, GA (Burke County), I became eager to leave a positive imprint on people's minds via creative writing.  The narrative below provides additional information about's origin.

The Origin

Years ago, I realized how therapeutic writing was when I started journaling after a somewhat traumatic life experience.  The journaling evolved into various forms of creative writing (poems, narratives, and quotes) that I wanted to share.  I sought out to design a medium to capture them while allowing others to publicize their writings as well...along came  The Poems, Narratives, and Quotes are products of real life experiences.  If you read closely, they may even provide a little inspiration.  So, take your time and peruse them as necessary, and feel free to forward your written works of art to have publicized on the site as well.  We also plan to roll out workshops, and the like, in the near future to help writers hone their craft.  I'll like to thank you again for visiting and remember to check back often to see what's on the agenda.    

Recently, I decided to bring my business-related writing experiences and training background into the fold.  There are several aspects of these experiences that are in great demand. identifies several of them on the Business-related Writing page while always looking to expand on its slogan, "Where Writing Speaks"! 

~Godspeed, Peace and Blessings~