I Remember, By Justice Smith

I remember waking up and going through my morning routine.
I remember walking across campus to visit my professor.
I remember my professor said, "Did you hear, there was a terrible accident.  A plane flew into one of the twin towers".
I remember walking back to my apartment, not giving it that much thought.
I remember turning on the television and finding that another plane had hit the twin towers.
I remember thinking, "This was no accident".
I remember being glued to the TV and hearing about a plane hitting the Pentagon.
I remember hearing yet another plane had crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside.
I remember with horrific awe the sight of the first one, and then the second tower as they fell.
I remember the look of shock, fear, anger, and grief on the faces of those I met that day.
I remember seeing news footage from around the world as many people mourned with us.
I remember seeing footage from the streets of Pakistan as people danced and cheered at the news.
I remember a country that came together in the face of adversity.
I remember people saying that they would never forget.
I remember that time passed and people's spirits began to heal.
I remember that the pettiness of our disparate ideologies began to creep back in.
I remember watching the news and hearing words like "partisan" on a daily basis.
I remember when "I" became "We", and I see that "We" has again become "I".