image1's Past, Present, and Future...

We all have a story that stems from a myriad of roads we have traveled. In fact, our lives are comprised of several stories that have molded us into who we are today. The story of began during graduate school in 2007. I found myself journaling about a few life-changing experiences on the daily. The journaling allowed me to transform many lessons learned into written creativity. This is when I realized just how therapeutic writing, particularly, creative writing, could be. During this time, the words "life" and "writing" were popping up all over the place. I conducted a little research, and to my surprise, found the domain name, "", was for sale. I purchased it, began my strategic planning, and designed the first edition of the website which publicized original creative writings. 

The website was deactivated for several years and revived in 2018, with new written works of art. In early 2019, not only served as a platform to publicize creative writings, but became a place that expanded on how it recorded experiences as well as provided specialized writing services. The writings and services aim to record a slew of original stories from creative professionals, and others, around the globe. These stories capture and share some very unique experiences. 

The writings, and creative mediums to come, will allow even more opportunities to put our spin on the world of life stay tuned! I look forward to sharing in this experience with you!

-Chris Jones