The Creator


Hi! I am Chris Jones, an Air Force veteran from Waynesboro, GA (Burke County), now living in Maryland. Business venturing, writing, listening and dancing to different genres of music, are some of the things I enjoy most! Over the last twenty years, the majority of my professional career has spanned the Federal Government from various acquisition to business development-related positions.

image69's Past, Present, and Future

The first idea of emerged during graduate school. I found myself journaling about a few life-changing experiences on the daily. The journaling allowed me to transform several lessons learned into written creativity. This is when I realized just how therapeutic writing, in general, could be. Several events eventually unfolded that afforded me the opportunity to bring the idea to fruition...along came the first iteration of

Today, not only serves as a platform to publicize original creative writings, but a place that provides specialized writing services. The writings and services capture a slew of stories from creative professionals, and others, around the globe. Stories that shed light on varied experiences. 

The writings, and creative mediums to come, will allow even more opportunities to creatively put a spin on the world of life writing. We look forward to sharing in this venture with you!

~Peace & Love~ 

- Chris Jones