Question #1: What is the intent of the website and what will be gained?

Answer:  The intent and what may be gained can be summed up in the following ways:  

1) To afford writers the opportunity to publicize their work for greater exposure while offering readers some creatively drafted reads...all in one location. 

2) Access to cutting-edge creative and business-related writing services.  

Question #2: How do I get my writing(s) publicized?

Answer:  Forward your writing(s) on the contact page by copying and pasting it/them in the message block.

Question #3: How often are new writings presented?

Answer:  For the most part, the writings will be rotated or added to weekly.

Question #4: How are the writings protected?

Answer:  Copyrights are automatic upon the completion of a work.  However, many professional writers opt to formally copyright their work with the  If you opt not to go this route, what's commonly referred to as the "Poor Man's" copyright may take affect, which is the date-stamping of your work by a trusted authority like a notary.  

NOTE:  This is for informational purposes only and not a personal recommendation.