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Writing Services are provided primarily through consultations and soon, via tailored workshops as well. Take a look below for some of the personal and professional development services offered.

Writing Services

Creative Writing


Poems, Memoir Recording, etc.:  Release your creativity while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of creative writing.

Resume Writing


Resume writing is an art form.  Your work history should precede you as it qualifies and quantifies your knowledge, skills, and abilities.  

Interview Preparation Plans


Interviews can be extremely intimidating.  Interview preparation plans can help you tactfully approach any type of interview. 

Goal Setting Plans


Goal setting consists of the development of a strategic plan designed to motivate an individual or group towards a goal (personal or professional).

Personal Essays


Personal essays allow readers to get a sense of someone's abilities. The art is, particularly, helpful for completing various kinds of applications to cover letters. 

Presentation & Speech Writing


Presentation and speech writing may take many forms to persuade or inform an audience. In many cases, they are written to inspire. 


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